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The anklet is a jewel worn on the ankle, originally from India traditionally worn by women, and sometimes even by the noblest men. Even today in India, this particular jewel usually adorns bare feet with rings, embellishing them even more. The anklets are often Moorish in style, emphasizing the Middle Eastern origin of the timelessly appealing object. They were also brought to Ancient Egypt, where the material indicated social status: gold among the nobles and wealthy, silver, iron, leather and strings of beads among the less wealthy classes. In Europe they spread in the Bronze Age (between the fourth and second millennium BC), in Hellenistic Greece and Asia Minor they were a very widespread symbol of wealth, testifying to the demand for luxury goods of that society.
The anklet is a particular and also sensual object that enhances femininity and more. An object that over the centuries has inspired the artisan creations of various peoples, in fact, it was made of different materials: in gold, silver, steel, cotton, aluminum, bronze and even in some peoples with seeds or shells.
The anklet is an indispensable must-have, which is still worn today especially in summer, enhancing the tan for those who love to be fashionable with a refined style where detail is charm and style.
On the site and also in our stores you will find various models of anklets, both for women and men, which can add a perfect detail to your outfit!