Alessia Massimo

Alessia Massimo is a young and versatile line of accessories. Rebellious looks and timeless accessories.


Made with love
Jewelry made of 925 silver and precious stones. Strictly made in Italy, that's why craftsmanship must be defended and ethically supported. Working hands create unique jewels, and small defects become merits.


Antura is a young and seductive brand that has chosen to combine the cult of manufacturing tradition with a constant research for new materials and shapes able to keep the lights of their own essence and the colors of the Mediterranean enchantment, granting the creation of absolutely innovative and refined jewels.
Antura Woman is a dynamic woman who always wants to keep her own sensuality, careful in every detail of elegance which assures her a unique style and enhances her fierce and passionate personality, constantly sure of herself.
Antura was born from the creative genius of a young and enterprising couple, a Sicilian boy and a girl from Ca-labria, who decided to improve their own skills through long and distant paths, far from their native land, re-turning home only after a long period of hard working. They decided to invest their expertise in their land to merge the talent with their common Southern roots with the creation of a brand in which the Mediterranean soul is shaped through a deep experience of beauty.


The Ayala Bar jewelery draws its unmistakable aesthetic from the energy of the colors, from the passion for materials, from the perfection of detail. At the base of the extraordinary work of the Israeli designer, collectors passionate about everyday objects: beads, stones, fabrics, which with great skill and inspiration transform with extraordinary colors into enchanting jewels.

BRASS Gioielli

The elegance and originality declined through quality products and the refined design: Brass proposes a wide and variegated assortment of jewels made by master craftsmen, with the careful research of metals and stones (Acquamarina, Agata, root of Emerald, quartz), carefully selected.
Emotions in the form of art to wear, to live.

BRASS Workshop

Wearing necklaces of intense colors has been part of the culture of many peoples for centuries, especially tribal ones, for whom form, materials and colors often have a specific tradition and meaning. The jewels in addition to giving beauty to women, are also powerful amulets.
Berber women combine amber and coral, whose intense red is a symbol of warmth and life force, with glass beads, enamelled silver and coins. Instead the Masai women, in Kenya, are characterized by strong and vivid colors. made with infinite patience and a surprising amount of beads, while the Indians are covered with long strands of glass beads or semi-bright colors, shells and metal buttons. The "trade beads", so called because they were produced in Europe, particularly in Venice and used as a bargaining chip to buy goods in Africa.
Many of these necklaces have a long history and the precious objects that often form them have traveled from one country to another.

Carola Gioielli

Carola jewels are designed, designed and made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen.
Carola Gioielli is a laboratory of ideas, selects raw products and transforms them into jewels of a thousand facets, with an ethnic, classic, glamorous or trendy taste, destined for those who love unique, particular and refined jewels.
Combining corals of Sardinia with Baltic or Dominican ambers, coral-like Momo or Satsuma coral, Burmese jades with cultivated pearls, cameos with precious or semi-precious stones.

Della Rovere

The Della Rovere design is supported by an attention never dormant due to the attention to detail and to the tonal combinations which, with delicate nuances, always manage to gently reveal all the authenticity of a woman, at any time of the day.
Silver jewels of unrepeatable and always original shapes, according to the philosophy of the unique piece.

ELLIUS Jewelry

Art, history and passion intertwine and give life to unique jewels, made entirely by hand by skilled goldsmith hands.
Be inspired by the great story of yesterday, wear the fashion and trend of today by showing your personality.
Enter the Ellius world.


The unmistakable design and manual workmanship make each GIULIANAdiFRANCO jewel a small and unrepeatable masterpiece.
In a remote corner of the island, in the heart of agricultural Sicily, there are the GIULIANAdiFRANCO Gioielli laboratories and showroom. The link with the land and the land itself, with a unique heritage at a historical, cultural and naturalistic level, nourish the artist's inspiration, becoming home and Musa.
Refined miniatures, eclectic style, light and sinuous volumes are the result of Giuliana's creative sensibility. The genius of the artist makes each accessory a small work to wear. To enhance the preciousness of jewels is not only the idea, but also the craftsmanship that lies behind each one.
GIULIANAdiFRANCO creations are packaged in a crafted case in precious walnut wood and natural iron color, protected by a refined ivory container with dry brand. Because a valuable object must be protected and stored in a precious place just like jewels.
Unique design and Italian handcraft tradition makes every GIULIANAdiFRANCO's jewel a precious and unique masterpiece.


Wear Sicily with Heluna !!! In the HELUNA garments you will find the character of an island rich in history, beauty, culture and tradition that is renewed with freshness and modernity. Floral motifs, fruit, ceramics, architecture, sculptures, landscapes saturated with light and colors in which Sicilian pride is the only source of inspiration !!!J


The Kurshuni 925 silver jewelry stands out for the refinement of a clean, rational, modern design. Images with an evocative universal power - love, femininity, romance, lucky icons - are graphically reinvented, using the accurate oriental goldsmith's art, to create collections of contemporary elegance and great personality. Trendy brands in Europe and the world.

Le Perle di Caltagirone

The "Le Perle di Caltagirone" project was born from a long experience gained in the precious sector.
Our jewels, strictly handmade, are born from the ancient and wise art of working with Caltagirone Ceramics with the result of a product capable of bringing together tradition, innovation and uniqueness.
A special jewel to wear every day.


The Harmony of Art and Fashion. Wearing Art. Behind every brand lies a story of inspiration, passion and tradition, ingredients that are also part of the Lebole Gioielli story, a Made in Italy brand from Arezzo. Its earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are all made entirely by hand and each has a story to tell.

LOTUS Silver

Sterling 925M silver jewelry (rodiate) with application of zircons, crystals, high quality, stones and cultivated pearls.


From the perfect harmony of the steel jewels with mother-of-pearl, ceramics, pearls, Zirconia comes a unique Design, seductive and provocative. Jewels for any occasion, for him and for her.

Sicùlia Gioielli

Siculia Jewels is born from the love for Sicily, and tells it through naturalistic, historical and folkloristic symbols. Each jewel in this collection, hand-crafted and painted, depicts the myth and charm of an island of unparalleled charm.


A small brand "made in Sicily" that has its roots in local shops, combining design and craftsmanship. Bags and accessories only for men and women who want to make a difference. A project that enhances the identity of the object through history and the balance between shapes, colors and materials.