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Ours is a history of goldsmith's art, a creative journey that began in 1980, in the workshop of the master craftsman Enzo Barranco.  Here Sicilian creativity, merging with ethnic memory, has shaped bronze and brass transforming them into beautiful jewelry. Supported by the excellent response obtained by the goldsmith production,
that extraordinary artistic flair could find an expressive way also through an exclusive line of leather bags with a unique modern design
 The BRASS brand was therefore built following a vision of beauty, declined through the artistic handling of materials, as well as a the need to go further, typical of the Norman spirit. A combination that has brought us to the Far East in search for precious organic fabrics. 


Elegance and originality expressed through quality products, characterized by exclusive materials and refined design: Brass offers a varied assortment of silver, bronze and micron gold-plated brass jewellery, along with accessories  and clothing standing for a unique style. Our collections, made by leading brands in each sector and by craft laboratories, are selected to be up to any look concept and fashion trend of the most demanding customers.

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USE EXTRA10 CODE 10% DISCOUNT on new collections and non-promo items